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FREE UEFA EURO 2016 finals Excel Wallchart

Free download of our UEFA EURO 2016 finals in France Excel Wallchart here.

Spreadsheet now updated with the draw!
Our UEFA EURO 2016 finals in France Spreadsheet will be updated with the draw from 12th December 2015 in Francel plus the subsequently updated match times. Just click on our download link to get your copy.


Our draft UEFA Euro 2016 finals spreadsheets is now published. Download now.



This site is dedicated to bringing you your own personal SOCCER UEFA EURO 2016 finals in France excel wallchart.


Our spreadsheet is written in Microsoft Excel and has no visual basic so you can be sure you have a safe virus free wallchart with which to track you team's scores and progress in your time zone.
When the draw takes place our 

UEFA EURO 2016 finals in France

spreadsheet (.xls and .xlsx) will be updated with all of the group games along with the adjusted match times. So you can see a full, accurate and complete list of all teams and schedule of matches to be played.